The library looks like it’s well-funded, doesn’t it? Our gorgeous new building is deceptive–it was paid for with 100% private funds on the library part of the municipal complex. Unfortunately, looks can be deceiving–the LQCL is NOT flush with cash. In fact, our budget is extremely small, even when compared to other local small libraries.

So we cannot always afford everything we would like to serve the community.  If you would be interested in helping us out, please contact our Director and ask what is on our wishlist this year! If you are interested in supporting the library, you can do it a few ways:

  • by bringing in your Brasch’s Piggly Wiggly receipts–they graciously donate a percentage to us!
  • by bringing in some of our requested treasures – odds and ends laying around at home or in the shop see list here…
  • by giving of your expertise to the library –
  • by advocating for library funding to local, state and even federal funding agencies.

Here’s what we wish for…

Show up & check stuff out

You can show that you value the library by attending programs and checking items out, even if it’s just ebooks. Your participation signals how much funders should value the library, so even if you are not willing or able to donate, you can support the library.

Program funding

We could REALLY use help for our programs, for adults, teens and kids.

  • Donate any amount to the library
  • Participate in fundraising events
  • Businesses can sponsor programs
  • You can even donate prizes for various programs and activities throughout the year

Donate your DVDs, bestsellers, games, or CDs

We will most likely NOT be able to use your older books in the collection, but new books are eagerly welcomed, as are any other donations. If we already have the item or can’t use it, we sell donations in our on-going book sale, and support our programs this way.

Thanks SO MUCH

To all our volunteers, donors, trustees, friends, and patrons. We appreciate all the advice, support, and interactions we have with all of you, and want to give our all to get you what you need and want in return. We encourage you to comment throughout this site, on facebook, or at the library, to tell us how we can serve you better.

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