Lomira Library Offers “Welcome Back” Campaign

The Lomira Library is excited to share our “Welcome Back” Campaign!

Starting  July 1, the Lomira Library will no longer charge overdue fees for BOOKS classified as juvenile or young adult! Fines for all other items will also be lowered to $0.10 a day, including DVDs!

In addition to eliminating and lowering future fines, many eligible Lomira patron accounts with small overdue fines accrued at the Lomira Library will be waived in an effort to “Welcome Back” patrons who may not have been able to use the Library due to very old outstanding fines.


It’s good for our community. Our community is stronger and healthier when people have access to the programs, services, and materials they need to pursue their educational, career, family, and life goals. We hope this will encourage prior users to come back to the library and attract new users to experience our offerings.


What Our “Welcome Back” Campaign means for you:

  • Book collections cataloged as “juvenile” or “young adult” will no longer accrue daily overdue fines. All other collections are reduced to $0.10 a day with a maximum of $2.00.
  • You are still responsible for returning your items. We do want all items back!
  • The library will send you a series of reminders to remind you to return your items. We can send them via email or texting, just let us know what you prefer.
  • Most items that are overdue by 60 days or more will be considered lost, and you will be sent a bill for them. If you return the items, a replacement cost will be cleared from your account.
  • If your account balance reaches $10.00, your account will be blocked.
  • If you are a Lomira registered user AND you have old overdue fines that accrued at the Lomira Library, your account may be eligible for a one-time fine forgiveness offer. Contact the library during regular hours to check your account status. Sorry, we cannot forgive fines accrued at other libraries.