Lomira Area Quarantine Journal Project

We are currently living through perhaps one of the most life-changing events of our times. There is no doubt that our lives and routines have drastically changed because of COVID-19, and they may, in fact, not be the same for a very long time, if ever. In order to serve our community both now and in the future, the Lomira Library would like to document some of your thoughts and memories of this historic time. We would like to model this somewhat after the journals that Civil War soldiers kept many years ago for the Wisconsin Historical Society. In these journals, the soldiers recorded many of their day-to-day thoughts and activities during the war, and the Society used these journals to create a permanent collection which has become one of the most important sources of Civil War information in the entire nation.

We at the Lomira Library feel it is very important to have our own record of our community’s thoughts, activities, and memories of this time, in order to provide insight to our future generations about the COVID-19 pandemic and how it has affected our lives. In the course of the next few weeks, we will post a series of questions to which we would invite you to comment with your thoughts and observations.

We ask that you please keep your responses non-political and on-topic, and that you refrain from laying any blame regarding the pandemic and related decision-making by any authorities.

QUESTION 1: Since the shutdown of schools, many businesses, sporting events, unnecessary travel, and so on, what kinds of activities have you taken up in order to have quality family time?

QUESTION 2: If you have school-aged children, what educational activities have you been doing with them?

Responses can be posted on our Facebook page or emailed to: csullivan@monarchlibraries.org