We are happy to serve you! Here’s the latest on our services (Updated 7/13/2020):
Checkouts/Curbside Service
Library materials can once again be checked out inside the building. We will also continue offering curbside checkout of books, movies and other materials for those who do not wish to enter the library.
Library materials that are returned will be quarantined for a period of time before being recirculated. Returns are accepted in the outside book drop at any time. If you still have items you checked out before March 18th, please return them as soon as possible. We will backdate and you will not be fined. 
Current Open Hours & Curbside Hours:
Monday & Tuesday 1-6 PM
Wednesday 10 AM-6 PM
Thursday 1 PM- 4:30 PM
Friday 10 AM-4:30 PM
Saturday 9 AM-12 PM
The adjusted hours will allow time for staff to properly clean surfaces at the end of the day.

Hold requests 
Due to the mandatory quarantine period for all items at all member libraries, you may see a slight increase in wait time for your requests and shipped items. We’re happy to check the status of your items at anytime and give you an update.

Overdue notices
If you receive an overdue notice for an item you have returned, please wait up up to 3 days for it to be cleared from you account. Returned materials are quarantined for a minimum of 72 hours before staff handle the items and items return into circulation. 

Closed Areas & Meeting Rooms
Our Meeting Room & Study Room remains closed. Our Book Store and Historical Records Room are now open. Please use these rooms alone or with members of your immediate household. 
Limited public computer access will be available. Our Wi-Fi network can be reached inside the building or in our parking lot near the library building. We also offer printing and scanning services.
Masks, Social Distancing & Building Cleaning
We encourage – but will not require – library users to wear masks while inside the building. We also ask that library users stay six feet away from other people and stay only as long as needed to access library resources. We ask that people stay home if they’re not feeling well. Staff will continue surface cleaning inside the building, hand sanitizer will be available to the public and library materials will be quarantined for an extended period before being recirculated.Sneeze guards have been installed at our service desks and 6-foot markings have been made to help guide in the case of lines at the checkout desk.

Reference/Research Questions
References services are available by calling or emailing the library during regular operating hours. In-person reference and research will be limited to reduce face-to-face contact between staff and patrons.  
Please Note:
As a public space, the Library cannot guarantee a germ-free environment or germ-free physical materials. Patrons agree to assume all risk and are personally responsible for their own safety when using the Library. Please consider the risks of a public space when using the Library. The Library staff requests that all patrons entering the building take precaution in the possible spread of infection.

Please continue to visit our website, follow our Facebook page or call for more information.

Camrin Sullivan, Library Director