Library Board of Trustees

Library Board Trustees:

Nancy More, President
Sara Zimmel, Treasurer
Marguerite Vilski, Secretary
Marcia Valle, Town Representative
Bob Lloyd, School District Liaison
Peter Doman, Village Board Liaison

Board Meetings: 

The Board of Trustees meets monthly on the third Tuesday at 6 pm. The agenda will be posted here at least 24 hours before the meeting.  Community members are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Apply for Board Membership:

Trustees are charged with “protecting and advancing the interests of the broader community by effectively governing the operation and promoting the development of the local public library.”  Three of the six Trustees are appointed by the Village of Lomira President and one Trustee is appointed by the Town of the Lomira Chair.  The Library Director maintains a file of interested party applications for future openings.  Please complete the “Application for Board of Trustees Membership” in the “Signups and Forms” section of this website in the “About the Library” tab.


2012 Revision.

2019 Agendas & Minutes:

Minutes 1-15-19

Minutes 2-19-19

Minutes 3-19-19

Minutes 4-16-19

Minutes 5-21-19

The June meeting was canceled

Agenda July 16, 2019

Agenda August 20, 2019

Agenda September 17, 2019

Agenda October 15, 2019

Agenda November 19, 2019

The December meeting was canceled

2018 Minutes:

Minutes January 2, 2018

Minutes 2-6-18

Minutes 3-6-18

Minutes 4-3-18

Minutes 5-1-18

Minutes 6-5-18

Minutes 7-10-18

Minutes 8-7-18

Minutes 9-4-18

Minutes 10-2-18

Minutes 11-6-18

The December meeting was canceled

2017 Minutes:

Minutes January 3, 2017

Minutes March 7, 2017

Minutes March 21, 2017

Minutes May 2, 2017

Minutes June 20, 2017

Minutes July 11, 2017

Minutes August 8, 2017

Minutes October 3, 2017

Minutes November 7, 2017

Minutes December 5, 2017

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